Sykes House Farm

We may be one of the region's leading suppliers of top quality fresh meat and poultry, but we didn't get that way overnight. Like good beef, our growth was steady and natural - and we all know what a difference that makes to quality.

Sykes House Farm was founded in the late 60s by Martin Smith and his father. Back then we were livestock farmers, predominantly as pig breeders, but with a couple of hundred Hereford grazing cattle too. The UK farming industry has faced many tough challenges over the years, but through careful diversification and Martin's strong leadership, the farm gradually established itself as one of the best known catering butchers in Yorkshire.

The family business is now in its third generation, with Martin's son and daughter, Robert Smith and Rachael Hirst, at the helm. Just like their father and his father, their first priority is quality - both in terms of the products we supply and the service we provide. But they're determined not to rest on those laurels, as the recently expanded state-of-the-art production plant goes to show. Such investment means we can keep step with the modern world while offering competitive prices and unbeatable customer support.

For instance, with diners becoming more and more aware of where their food comes from, traceability is vital to your business. And we can provide it thanks to our deep and long-standing involvement in the whole supply chain, from the producer through to the plate.

At the same time, finding an edge in the catering industry is a constant challenge. With our expert advice, we can offer all the support you need. In addition to supplying you with meat boned and trimmed to your exact specifications, we can also suggest different breeds and specialist cuts, helping you keep your menu one step ahead, as well as managing costs.

And if you'd like to meet us in person, you're more than welcome. To watch our cutting rooms in action or get inspiration for your menu, just come and visit us on the farm.