• Sykes House Farm has been supplying The Ripley Castle Estate for close to 20 years. During that time many things have changed, both here at Ripley and at Sykes House Farm, but one of the things that has never changed is SHF’s commitment to quality and service. The team at SHF are always ready to go that extra mile, and often do, to ensure that their customers keep coming back.

    Ripley Castle Estate
  • We take great pride in the quality of the meat that we serve. It is not possible to provide a great meal without great ingredients, therefore we are really careful about the quality of our suppliers. We like to know the origins of our meat, and we like to buy locally where possible.”

    “We find that the quality of meat from Sykes House Farm is always very good. As well as all of our customers’ usual favourites, we sometimes like to offer a quirky choice on our menu, and Sykes House Farm can always provide us with something interesting to offer, such as alligator, kangaroo or buffalo for example. They always phone for the order on time, and delivery is always on time too.”

    “If we run out of something, they are really keen to help us out, which to us demonstrates that they have a good understanding of the restaurant trade. On the rare occasion (and it is rare) that we are unhappy with something that they have delivered, they will exchange immediately, and all in all we are extremely happy with the service and quality that they offer. If you require further proof, why not come and visit and give us a try! The Old Lodge.

    Tracey Holroyd
    The Old Lodge
  • We have been working with Sykes House Farm for years and have a great rapport with the all the staff.”

    “SHF are a great team to work with because they are real bespoke butchers and can do anything to the specification we require.”

    “They are very helpful in advising on the seasonality of meat and what cut works with certain dishes. We get great feedback from both wedding and B&B guests on the meat dishes served at the Hall which means we both must be doing something right!



    Photograph by Tim Hardy
    Goldsborough Hall
  • Sykes House Farm and Queen Ethelburga’s College have been working together now for 4 years, since our school catering contract was taken “in house”. During that time Sykes House Farm have provided the school with an excellent level of service and support, whilst at all times, supplying us with the locally sourced, high quality products we demand. SHF clearly have a very strong commitment to customer care and, as our school grows, we will be looking to them increasingly to provide our staff and pupils with the wide range of high quality products to which they have become accustomed.

    Fran Tyers
    Queen Ethelburga's College
  • Ashville College and I have had the pleasure of a great association with Sykes House Farm for almost 4 years.

    That is 4 years of:- great meat and meat products and great service from a very conscientious butcher.

    Feeding a client age range from 4 to 64 within a budget always has its challenges so I have, over that period, made big demands of them especially during menu and recipe development. They have always listened, understood, suggested and accommodated as far as was possible.

    I believe that the population at Ashville College deserve great food made from a quality ingredient, I get that quality ingredient from Sykes House Farm with the bonus of great service.

    Jean Lowerson
    Catering Manager, Ashville College
  • Sykes House Farm has worked along side Rudding Park for many years. We find their meats excellent and the customer care exemplary. Our customers demand high quality and we have faith in the produce that Sykes House Farm supply us with. We try to buy as local as possible and for our recent food heroes campaign Sykes House have been very supportive taking our chefs out to the local farms to visit. I would recommend the meats from Sykes House Farm.

    Stephanie Moon
    Executive Chef, Rudding Park
  • Sykes House Farm strives to exceed our expectations by providing exceptional personal service alongside quality local produce cut to our desired specification. Cedar Court continue to receive genuine added value from the team at SHF and would not hesitate to recommend them as a supplier of top quality fresh meat and poultry

    Cedar Court