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Why not try some of our new meat pack selection boxes guaranteed to save you money. Please pre order prior to collection or 24 hours before delivery date.


We feel passionately about Sykes House Farm produce and therefore all items are freshly cut the day of your order. We can blast freeze your order if you wish.

Now, everyone can have the best meat available, delivered fresh to their home (see our delivery options) or collect in store. Your order can be packed in many different ways so please specify when ordering what quantities you would like your packs in and if you require your order simply bagged and labelled or in Vac Pac pouches or trayed and overwrapped.

Why not try some of our new meat pack selection boxes guaranteed to save you money. Please pre order prior to collection or 24 hours before delivery date.

BBQ Small Box £26.00

A barbeque selection that is perfect for an intimate summer party!

4 x 6oz Beef Steak & Red Onion Burgers
2 x 6oz Rump Steaks
6 x Cumberland Pork Sausages
4 x 3-4oz English Lamb Loin Chops
4 x Yorkshire Free Range Chicken Legs
8 x Outdoor Reared Pork Belly Ribs

BBQ Large Box £45.00

Our BBQ Large Box contains all the meat you need for a BBQ for 6 people.

6 x 6oz Beef Steak & Red Onion Burgers
6 x 7oz Yorkshire Sirloin Steaks
6 x 3-4oz Lamb Loin Chops
6 x Free Range Yorkshire Chicken Drumsticks
6 x Pork & Leek Sausages
6 x Lamb & Mint Sausages (or an alternative if not available fresh)

BBQ Feast Box £54.50

A huge amount of our very best barbequing items. 38 pieces of top quality meat for a quality barbeque variety.

2 x 16oz Yorkshire T-Bone Steaks
4 x Spatchcocked Poussin Chickens (we need a week’s notice for fresh Poussin)
8 x Spicy Lamb Kofte Kebabs
8 x Pork Belly Spare Ribs
4 x 6oz Beef Steak & Red Onion Burgers
12 x Pork Cumberland Sausages

The Big Four Steak Box £39.50

One pack of each of the 4 most popular cuts of steak.

2 x 6oz Fillet Steaks
2 x 7oz Sirloin Steaks
2 x 7oz Rib Eye Steaks
2 x 6oz Pave Rump Steaks

Chicken Selection Box £25.00

Chicken is known for being versatile and you can see why from this selection. The Corn diet of our Chickens means the meat is slightly yellow in colour, more juicy, and with a more intense flavour.

4 x 7oz Cornfed Chicken Breasts
6 x 3oz Cornfed Chicken Thighs – Skin On
440g Stir Fry Chicken
4 x 7oz Chicken Escallops
1 x 1.2kg Whole Cornfed Chicken

Stir Fry Selection Box £16.50

This box contains a mouth-watering variety of stir fry meats. There is something here that will appeal to everyone's taste.

Each pack weighs 440g.
Lamb Strips
Beef Strips
Chicken Breast Strips
Pork Leg Strips

Sunday Box £40.00

Sykes House Farm has put together all of the favourite meats you like to eat on a Sunday in one box.

1 x 950g Yorkshire Cote de Boeuf
12 Cumberland Sausages
2 packs of Sykes own Dry Cured Back Bacon
1 pack of Award Winning Doreens Black Pudding


Weekly Mixed Meat Selection (for 2) £24.00

1lb Mince Beef
1lb Stewing Steak
2 x 6oz Rump Steaks
2 x 6oz Pork Steaks
4 x Lamb Chops
2 x Chicken Fillets
1lb Farm Pork Handmade Sausages

Farm Steak Selection £58.00

2 x 8oz Rump Steaks
2 x 8oz Rib Eye Steaks
2 x 8oz Sirloin Steaks
2 x 8oz Lamb Leg Steaks
2 x 8oz Pork Loin Steaks
2 x 8oz Fillet Steaks

Simply Casserole £26.00

2 x 1lb Diced Lamb
2 x 1lb Diced Beef
2 x 1lb Diced Pork

Mince Selection £16.00

2 x 1lb Mince Beef
2 x 1lb Pork Mince
2 x 1lb Lamb Mince

Family Barbecue Pack £30.00

8 x Thick Farm Pork Sausage
4 x 7oz Rib Eye Steaks
8 x Meaty Chinese Ribs
4 x Chicken Drumsticks

Baby Barbecue Pack £17.00

8 x Chinese Meaty Ribs
8 x Thick Farm Pork Sausage
4 x 6oz Farm Beef Burgers
8 x Chicken Drumsticks

Flavoured Glazes optional, please enquire

Remember if you cannot see what you want or for advice on any cut of meat call our Master Butcher on 01937 545249. We can produce any cut of meat you want. As a traditional butcher we buy the whole carcass and we can cut the meat to whatever specification you require.

We guarantee to be cheaper than your local supermarket or high street butcher.