Our Team

Sykes House Farm was founded in the late 60s by Martin Smith and his father. The UK farming industry has faced many tough challenges over the years, but through careful diversification and Martin's strong leadership, the farm gradually established itself as one of the best known
catering butchers in Yorkshire.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith Managing Director 'Retired' Army Officer who now has the company and his own family to live for rather than a life in fatigues and tours of duty.


Rachael Hirst (nee Smith)
Rachael Hirst (nee Smith) Sales Director Back in the family business after 12 years in London. From the world of Film & TV Rach tries to add a little glamour and sophistication to the line up but is proud to put her years of experience in the corporate world to use in the family business.
Martin Smith

Martin Smith Here at the start of it all! Created the most efficient pig farm that has developed into the best butchers in Yorkshire and you can still find him sweeping the yard!!



Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith Company Secretary, otherwise known as 'Mum'. Setting the family values, goodness knows where we would be without her.




Jill Dodgson

Jill Dodgson Head of Sales At work from dawn till dusk we are not sure where she finds time to be able to play a mean game of golf as well as have a wicked tennis serve!


James Picker

James Picker (Jimmy to us) General Manager Butcher extraordinaire and chief buyer. Our ex rugby star with the looks to prove it!


Keith Tatterton

Keith Tatterton In retirement but somehow still here! Been here forever! We are proud that he is our very own Black Belt and is more than able to handle anything that comes his way.


Brian Noon

Brian Noon Sales Executive Our butcher turned Sales Executive. A hard hitting golfer who likes to soak up the Mediterranean sun with the odd glass of Ouzo!


Kirsty Verity

Kirsty Brewer Office Manager Enjoys the hustle and bustle of office life and can make an exceptional cup of coffee.


Lorraine McGlome

Lorraine McGlone Credit Control Lorraine, one of our newest members of the team. Her main role being Credit Control, having a good head for figures.