Charcuterie can add an exciting dimension to your menu. We do our own curing in house as well as sell some of the finest local smoked products and continental meats

Cooked Meats

Natural Cooked Hams – Top quality home cured, naturally cooked ham available as whole hams, half hams or 500g sliced packs.

Cooked Turkey (pre order whole crown) – whole crowns or 500g sliced packs

Cooked Beef (pre order joints) – Whole, half joints or 500g sliced packs

Chorizo Sarta – Horseshoe 200gm sticks

Chorizo – Whole 1.2kg sticks

Danish Salami (pre order) – Whole 1.80kg sticks

Pastrami (pre order) – Whole or sliced

Panacetta – Whole or sliced 250gm packs

Prosciutto – Sliced 250gm packs

Pork Pies (pre order) – Award winning Pork Pies from Voakes Pies including individual pies, gala’s, meat pies, sausage rolls and pasties. See their link on our Useful Links page for more information

Doreen Triangular Black pudding – approx 1kg each

Traditional Black pudding Stick – 1.36kg each

White Pudding – approx 1kg each

Boudin Noir (pre order)

Boudin Blanc (pre order)

Black Pudding Mix – 1.25 kg bags

McKenzies Smoked Chicken – Whole or chicken fillets

McKenzies Smoked Duck Breasts

Sykes Own Dry Cure – Whole Horseshoe Gammons and Back Bacon

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