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  • Frozen

    200g CALF LIVER PORTIONS                                    £1.99 Each
    VEAL KIDNEY IN SUET                                                 £6.50kg
    VEAL STRIPLOIN (2.2Kg)                                            £21.00kg
    LAMB FOREQUATER SHANKS (IN 5’S)                  £2.50Each
    LAMB NECK FILLET                                                      £10.99Kg
    8oz VENISON BARNSLEY CHOP  (IN 5’S)              £2.90Each

  • PORK

    10oz BELLY SQUARES (boneless)                     £1.85Each
    DICED PORK                                                              £3.99Kg

    Please contact us to pre order quoting ‘specials’

  • BEEF

    8oz RIBEYE STEAKS (IN 5’S)                               £4.50 Each
    10 OZ BRISKET JOINTS (IN 5’S)                        £1.99 Each
    DICED RUMP TAIL  (2.5kg)                                   £7.85 Kg

    Please contact us to pre order quoting ‘specials’



One of the region’s leading suppliers of top quality
fresh meat and poultry

Welcome to Sykes House Farm, where we’ve been working with livestock for over 40 years. Our family business is now in its third generation, so we offer unrivalled expertise. Firmly rooted in the heart of Yorkshire, we’ve grown to become one of the best catering butchers around, enjoying strong relationships with many of the region’s finest restaurant and hotels.

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