Why it is so important to understand where your meat is from?

Knowing where your meat is farmed and produced has rapidly become very important to the UK population. Even before the pandemic, Sykes House Farm (SHF) had seen a rise in people buying meat from the local farmer’s market, health stores, and of course our in-house butchery.

But why?

Here at SHF, we have been pushing this movement for over 40 years as we have always understood the quality & health benefits of delivering locally sourced FRESH meat. In this article, we are happy to share our expertise on the reasons why.

Let’s discuss one of the biggest health benefits first. When you are purchasing your meat from a local butcher you can understand the sourcing process. Here at SHF, we offer a full tour of our grounds, butchery, and shop, we allow you to see our process from start to finish. But why is this important?

Depending on the size of the organisation, you may find that the risk of contamination is much higher, this could be down to high quantity processing on insufficient preparation areas.  When your meat becomes contaminated the risk to your health can be detrimental.

There is a reason why high-end restaurants all buy their meat fresh from a butcher, we can guarantee the quality of the meat and how fresh it is. Therefore, the chef knows exactly how long the process has been, from the cut to their customer’s plate. If you have ever eaten fresh meat, you will understand us when we say, you can taste the difference in the quality. Not only that there is a big benefit to eating fresh meat when it comes to nutrients, the fact that it has no chemicals added to preserve the meat means that that it is much more nutrient-rich.

Supermarket meat is packed in a factory and will more than likely sit on the shelf until someone buys it or the date runs out.

Cost vs quality? There has been a misunderstanding on cost vs quality since supermarkets opened. Most people believe that going to a butcher for fresh meat will be less cost effective than going to the supermarket, however at SHF that couldn’t be further from the truth. As we supply fresh meat to restaurants and individuals all over Yorkshire and afar, we are competitive on price, you would be more likely to pay a little more in the supermarket than what you would from SHF, we will always be high on quality and competitive on price.

Finally, we will end on a reason that is resonating with us all at the moment… the economy. Buying from your local farmer or butcher will help reduce pollution, support sustainability, and of course it helps your local community thrive. Here’s to supporting local & living healthier lives.

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