North Yorkshire is renowned for producing excellent sheep. The expansive Yorkshire Dales occupy some of the finest countryside in Great Britain.

Here traditional farming methods produce lamb which has a superb flavour and tenderness unlike any other. All of our lamb is reared in Yorkshire and mainly is sourced mainly from the Denby Dale region.

Our supplier has his own flock of Texel sheep, a breed that has excellent muscle confirmation, a high yield of meat to bone, and being finished on heather gives the meat a very distinctive flavour. We hang our lamb for 10 days which enhances its tenderness.

Mutton from New Zealand may be available all year round, but in season, British lamb is hard to beat. Spring lamb is at its most tender in early summer, but as the season progresses the flavour develops. It is fantastic for roasting simply with garlic and herbs, and autumn lamb is great when given a spicier, more adventurous treatment.

Lambs are the offspring of the domestic sheep, ovis aries. They are typically weaned to a diet of grass between the ages of 1 and 3 months and this consumption adds flavour to the lamb. The majority of lamb sold in Britain is from animals between four months and a year old. The meat of older animals is properly referred to as hoggett (up to approximately two years old) and then mutton (the categorisation of the meat is often based on the farmer’s judgement of its qualities rather than its exact age).

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