Yorkshire Outdoor Reared Pork

We specialise in sourcing only the finest Pork the region has to offer; Yorkshire Outdoor. As former pig farmers ourselves, we know a little about breeding and believe that high welfare animal husbandry and breeding are vital to giving the best succulence and flavour. The pigs we buy are all Yorkshire Outdoor reared, bred by farmers like Colin Piercy, from West Moorâ„¢ Farm in Easingwold; who sold his first pig at 5 years old, and has been in business ever since leaving school. Colin’s reputation for breeding high quality pigs is second to none.

We believe that provenance, quality assurance and freshness are of equal importance to our customers, who are interested in animal welfare and the origins of the meat they wish to eat. Yorkshire Outdoor farms operate to RSPCA Freedom Foods standard; piglets are born outdoors and reared on straw, they have lots of space in which to naturally roam, root and wallow, and are healthy and as happy as pigs can be. The outcome is an excellent displacement of lean meat as well as high levels of intramuscular fat, the good sort, which makes the most desirable meat eating quality.

Many chefs have had the pleasure in joining us on one of our traceability trails to Colin’s farm, and others, to see first hand why Sykes House Farm only chooses Yorkshire Outdoor Reared Pork.

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