Somalo Sliced Serrano Ham 500gm


We import our Somalo Sliced Serrano Ham from Northern Spain. The ham is soft and mild, and has a unique savoury taste. Our serrano ham comes from free-range pork, salted and then cured for a minimum of 10 months.

We import our sliced Serrano ham extra thinly, so that you can enjoy the true taste of Serrano. Our favorite way to enjoy Jamon Serrano is simple – on a warm platter with some good crusty bread and a glass of Spanish wine. A bocadillo sandwich is another classic Spanish treat, simply cut a fresh baguette in half, drizzle with olive oil and add sliced Serrano ham, perhaps with some slices of Manchego cheese. Our large pack of sliced serrano is ideal for multiple use, perfect for parties or if you have a busy home.

This authentic Spanish serrano ham is ideal when making sandwiches, pasta sauces, on pizzas or as part of a cured meat board.

The great flavour of our Somalo sliced serrano will not disappoint!


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